Frequent asked questions

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What is home inspection ?
Home inspection is having your property inspected by certified professional home inspectors according to the Construction Industry Standard (CIS).
When do I engage a Home Inspection Service?
You should engage home inspection service after your vacant possession, or before you decide to purchase any sub-sales property, or when you want to understand your property better.
Why you need to do home inspection?
Less hassle. Engaging our professional home inspectors, who are certified and have the technical knowledge, we will identify the defects, prepare detailed report, and explained to you in detail.
What is the service charge?
Our price is based on the size of your property. Kindly contact us for quotation.
What is the standard and qualifications for your inspection service?
Our inspection is done according to the Construction Industry Development Board’s (CIDB) Construction Industry Standard, Quality Assessment System for Building Construction Works (QLASSIC) (CIS 7: 2021)
What is the scope of inspection service?
Our scope include the inspection of architectural and M&E items, prepare detailed report, and explain with practical recommendations to the owner

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